Fundamentals First: Designing an Effective Basketball camp 

Building the correct basketball camp can be a challenge. However, one thing you need first and foremost is, of course, the fundamentals. 

Here, we’ll go over the fundamentals of a basketball camp, and if you’re stumped, here are a few ways to get started with your experience. 

Don’t Start with full-court Presses 

This should be obvious, but don’t try to teach them how to be aggressive with defense. Even if you think they’ll know what they’re doing, I can assure you, it’s likely they don’t. Do they know how to read what a screen is, or let it slip and then the defense gets through?  If you’re noticing that they aren’t always focused on the ball and the man when they’re on defense. 

If they don’t know the basics, chances are they won’t ever understand a full court press. 

If you’re teaching the fundamentals, you want to make sure that you give them something to practice. 

So what should you teach them? Well, here are a few places to start. 


Shooting should be your first order of business. 

If they don’t know how to shoot from certain points, they won’t get anywhere with this.  Many people are curious about playing basketball, but if they don’t know how to shoot the ball, they won’t get anywhere. 

Shooting from the Foul Line 

If there’s a foul, you get a free chance to shoot. 

Foul points can make or break a game, and many people struggle with shots from this line. Practicing this also sets them up for shooting from the three-point line, another way to get your kids to learn how to shoot even better. 

Foul shots are sometimes how games get won, so keep that in mind. 


Obviously, not every shot’s going to be in the best position. 

That’s where passing comes in. 

You have two types of passes, the air pass where it doesn’t hit the floor, and the bounce pass, where it bounces once. 

You can also dribbled pass, chest pass from the chest to another near the chest, and even wrap them around. 

Passing the ball is a fundamental skill, and should focus on the following points: 

  • Be something people can pass 
  • That you can step towards the receiver. 
  • You step to the pass when catching 
  • The ball needs a backspin just like shooting. 


Dribbling is literally how you move the ball. It’s a bouncing motion from the palm to the ground, and you need your head up the entire time. 

You should focus the ball in your fingers, rather the ball. This offers better control. 

The key point to consider with dribbling, is the length of the dribble. Try to get more opportunities in with just a single dribble. 

You won’t beat the defenses with the dribble, you beat them with the feet, which is why learning how to get the most from a dribble is the way to go., 

Triple Threat 

Finally, focus on the triple threat, which is a plan for when you have defenses surrounding you. 

Nothing happens on offense without a threat of scoring. 

When the defense thinks they can get you to not score, it puts them in a position that’s frankly, uncomfortable. When you attack, you’re putting pressure on them. When threatened by three, you just shoot them, and you’ll be able to put it from one position to the next. 

Learning to move about and shoot when faced with a triple threat is important. Many basketball players don’t know this, and it can change the game. 

Learn these, and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make. 

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